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The duck in us

Muddy battle in Wadden Sea

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Hamburg is the only German city to be ranked in the world’s top ten most liveable cities. Here is why:

Meet Claudius Schulze

Building a boat


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Our Authors

  • André Krüger

    André Krüger drinks coffee, craft beer and gin. He likes to listen to music. Mostly jazz or classical music. Sometimes he writes about all that stuff. In real life he’s a freelancer who develops digital communication concepts.

  • Anika Meier

    An uncomplicated woman writes about complicated and beautiful things. Anika Meier is Hamburg’s dog content specialist and loves to go for a stroll in the rain. She writes about art and social media for Monopol Magazin and for anyone who needs texts to do with books, photography, art and Instagram. When she’s not checking her phone, she reads, blogs for artefakt and plays with This Ain’t Art School on Instagram.

  • Dirk Wilberg

    Dirk Wilberg is a North Frisian who grew up in the Münsterland, has been living in Hamburg since 2010 and runs not only the digital city magazine "Mit Vergnügen Hamburg" but also a music PR agency, a label, a music publishing company and a family in the Hanseatic city.

  • Imke Wrage

    Imke Wrage likes best to write about art, literature and pop culture. A book is her constant companion. If you don't find her at the Hamburg Oberhafen, she's probably sitting with a woodruff-flavoured ice cream on the Baltic Sea coast – that's where she comes from, and it draws her back every so often.

  • Kim-Lara Oswald

    Kim-Lara Oswald has been living in Hamburg for two years and refuses to buy an umbrella. She likes to ask questions – to herself and others. What she loves about Hamburg: the people and the Fischmarkt at sunrise.

  • Malte Brenneisen

    Malte Brenneisen is a journalist, lecturer and chose to live in Hamburg in 2009. Together with friends and family, he founded the editorial and design studio "Die Brueder" here (and in Berlin) . Since 2016, Malte is a co-editor of the English-language city magazine "gentle rain - and other reasons to love Hamburg ".

  • Nicoline Haas

    Nicoline Haas is a freelance journalist who loves writing about sustainable projects and fine, traditional handcrafts. What she loves most about her Hamburg home is that there’s a lot of water and greenery, she enjoys relaxing in the Elbpark Entenwerder and zipping around the Vierlande and Marschlande, "Hamburg's flower and vegetable garden", on her bike.

  • Rudolf Klöckner

    Rudolf David Klöckner is a curator, blogger and author from Hamburg who has worked for many years at the interface of art and urban studies. The URBANSHIT blog is one of the leading German-language online media in the field of urban art and street culture.


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