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Lunch is served at Veddeler Fischgaststätte

Hamburg´s best fried fish

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An invitation to dine with Kitchen Guerilla

Culinary band of brothers

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  • Koral (left) about working together and being brothers: “You know each other inside and out and can trust each other. But you can also really get on each other's nerves”.

  • At the Öko-Markt at Spritzenplatz in Altona the Elci's buy their groceries for the evening.

  • The dinner party will be very diverse: "You sit among people you don't know and a lot of courses are served in the middle of the table, intended for sharing," explains Onur.

  • “We met for cooking sessions at my pad in the Friedensallee and invited friends for dinner," Koral says about the Kitchen Guerilla-beginnings.

  • Their parents are unlearned restaurateurs as well: their father owned a mezze restaurant in Ankara, their mother in Istanbul.

  • They shot the Galloway cow they're using in the kitchen themselves, in a northern German meadow, and later butchered her and cut her up here in the warehouse.

  • Their parents were "revolutionary souls" - as a sign of respect for the spirit of resistance their parents had shown, Onur and Koral called their own company Kitchen Guerilla.

  • Oysters as a little culinary welcoming for the guests.

  • One of the many courses: a classic Portuguese one-pot dish with beans, chorizo, lentils and clams.

  • Towards midnight, the guests' stomachs are full and the wine-bottles empty.


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