The classics

Altes Mädchen, Craft Beer Store, Ratsherrn



Ratsherrn is something like the pioneer of the Hamburg craft beer scene. When the founders, together with a regional beverage retailer, revived the old Hamburg beer brand Ratsherrn in the early 2010s, it sent shock waves through the beer scene. Now, their really excellent standard beers such as pils, pale ale and red beer are also to be found in perfectly normal pubs and supermarkets, and at fair prices. The special creations from master brewer Ian Pyle's brewing tank are a cut above. He regularly conjures up new, extraordinary creations on the smaller micro-brewing system, they’re normally available only in limited quantities. If you're interested in craft beer, you should definitely book a brewery tour. Naturally, samples of the Ratsherrn beers are on offer.

Right next door in the Schanzenhöfe, at the Sternschanze S-/U-Bahn station (for the city railway and underground), are the brewery restaurant “Altes Mädchen” and the Craft Beer Store. Visitors can enjoy the draft beers in the Altes Mädchen, together with tasty evening meals accompanied by home-made bread. Its Craft Beer Days are particularly popular. Brewers from all over Germany come to the Altes Mädchen's courtyard to present their beers to the public.

The Craft Beer Store offers a selection of more than 400 beers. In addition to its own products, craft beers from all over the world are available, all arranged by styles. If you're bewildered by the sheer variety, expert advice is to hand. The “Open Bottle” is a weekly feature, where three beers from a single brewery are tasted free of charge. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm