From kitchen to Colonnaden

Von Freude



In 2013, Natalie Warneke and Martin Schupeta quit their jobs and went into beer-making. Their brewery's called Von Freude ("About Joy"), and it does what it says on the label. They develop their recipes in the kitchen at home on a tiny experimental system, which these “gipsy brewers” then produce on larger systems belonging to other breweries. In the early years, the two were to be found at practically every food market. The work has paid off.

Their beers, such as their first creation “Ale Primeur”, a top-fermented all-rounder with Belgian yeast, are now available in many of the city's bars and high-end supermarkets. The range has been expanded to include more styles over time, and Warneke and Schupeta recently tackled the premium class with their own IPA.

Derzeit sind die beiden Von-Freude-Gründer dabei, ihren eigenen Flagship Store in den Colonnaden zu eröffnen. Dort kann man in Zukunft all ihre Biere kaufen. Außerdem gibt es dort Platz für Tastings und eine neue Versuchsbrauerei.