„A dream city for any architect“


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The Speicherstadt, its water castles, the Kontorhausviertel, and the Chile Haus, are some of the architecture highlights for visitors in Hamburg. What are architects interested in besides the Hansestadt’s classics?


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We asked Vienna-based Portuguese Ana Barros during her last visit to Hamburg. She studied architecture, and has been living in Austria for a number of years. She works as a photographer and social media manager for an agency. With her Instagram account @anasbarros she reaches more than 358 000 followers.

We guess you've done extensive research on interesting architecture in Hamburg. Which buildings were on your list?

The highlight of my visit was of course the Elbphilharmonie, but on my list I had buildings like Sumatrakontor Hamburg, Dockland, Spiegel, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Marco Polo Residential Tower and others.

The architecture in Hamburg is full of contrast which makes it very unique. You find a bit of everything: Baroque churches, beautiful examples of Art Nouveau architecture, post-modern facades and then the best of the best in contemporary architecture… it is a dream city for any architect!

Speicherstadt, Kunsthalle, Spiegel-Kantine

"A city full of contrast"

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After your visit a couple of days ago — do you have a new favourite?

I have to answer Elbphilharmonie again. You know that feeling… when you're waiting for something for quite some time but then you somehow try to control your high expectations because you're afraid you might be disappointed? Elbphilharmonie didn’t disappoint though, it is even more than I expected.

The Elbphilharmonie architects Herzog & de Meuron were always a big influence to me since I started my studies in architecture, and I'm always looking forward to visit their projects but Elbphilharmonie Hamburg was no doubt the most anticipated. I was amazed by its scale — it is massive but still so elegant. The attention to detail is impressive but that's exactly how I expected it. That’s the reason why I love HdM’s work so much.

"Elbphilharmonie was my highlight"

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What impressed you the most in Hamburg besides the architectural highlights?

We were lucky enough to experience the first day of snow and that was pretty special. Waking up at the The Westin Hamburg, looking out of the window and seeing all those white roofs was magical.

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During a wintry walk Ana discovered this little bookstore in Rotherbaum, a neighbourhood in Hamburg.

Is there anything you'd like to visit when you return to Hamburg?

On this visit, I was quite focused on the architectural side of the city and on photographing as much as possible. Next time I try to see it from a different perspective and experience more of this beautiful city. I want to visit exhibitions at Deichtorhallen and at Hamburger Kunsthalle, walk around the park Planten un Blomen right in the city center and drink coffee at the Portugiesenviertel.

Ana, thanks for the talk and ahoi!

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