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The Croatian brothers Boris and Sandro Erceg have been living in Hamburg for exactly two years. “Genau” and “Mahlzeit” were the first bits of German they learned, and the words are still an important part of their vocabulary.


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Kerstin Oppel is a freelance film maker and a social media ninja from Hamburg.

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On Instagram, the two share the account @brotherside and thrill the community with shots from Hamburg in which light and water are central elements. Their preferred subject for pictures is the Speicherstadt. The only thing lacking: The brothers miss a kiosk where they can end an evening with beer and their friends. We asked Sandro and Boris for a recipe for atmospheric pictures.

Your pictures look very calm – what is your secret?

Techno-emotionally, we see space, time, and light as the most influential parameters in land- and cityscape photography. There we tend to go for wide (angles), long (exposures), and soft (light), respectively. These in turn provide us with the effects of smoothness and tranquility in a chosen frame. As an ode to light, we started an Instagram account named @MagicLightChasers where we feature photos taken in natural light, trying to inspire people in their photographic endeavors, as well as to draw their attention to this great natural phenomenon in everyday life.

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What are your favorite “Hamburg moments”?

By far on the first place would be sitting in Park Fiction near Landungsbrücken on a warm summer day, laughing and drinking beer with our friends, surrounded by hundreds of happy people and the harbor. People from Hamburg know how to enjoy good weather, probably because they know it will be a long wait once it's gone. Our favorite places would be Schanze, Karoviertel, and Altona Balcony. Also, the viewpoint on Landungsbrücken, our secret spot by a canal in Winterhude, and Blankenese’s Treppenviertel have a very unique charm.

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Who are the three Instagrammers that helped you discover the city through their pictures?

We actually started our profile while living in Hamburg, and have met a fair deal of people throughout the journey. Two people who helped us discover many spots through their photos and meet-ups are @anlinsh and @catching_a_smile. It's impressive how much inspiration the two of them have, taking into account they take all the photos with their phones. Also, we love the take @themodernleper and @tomtehh have on Hamburg’s classics, but I guess we're not the first ones to say that.

Boris and Sandro, thanks a lot for the talk and ahoi!

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In our series of Instagram interviews photographers reveal their favourite motifs and routes around the city. #instagrammerahoi!