Is it actually always Hamburger Dom?


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The Hamburger Dom belongs to St. Pauli the Fishmarket to the river Elbe. Three times per year, millions visit " the biggest fun fair in northern Germany". That's why Hertje Brodersen invented the hashtag #seemslikeitsalwaysdominhamburg. We just had to ask her what it’s all about.


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Hertje, you have started the hashtag #seemslikeitsalwaysdominhamburg. Why?

Every few months caravans and booths return to the Heiligengeistfeld. Back when I still lived in the area it always felt like the last Dom had only just finished. How could it be back already? That’s how the hashtag started.

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What is fascinating to you about the Dom?

I’m interested in the quiet before the storm. There are so many details to observe when everything stands still. You easily miss them among the lights, noise and melee. The Dom at rest can feel a bit bleak, but it’s always eclectic. Just take the contrast between fun fair and the massive air-raid shelter … quite intriguing.

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My favorite time ist the hour before the Dom opens. Everything is quiet, most shutters are still down. The Dom is still rubbing sleep from its eyes, but the scent of roasted almonds is already in the air.

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Who are your favorite photographers and why?

There are many photos that do a good job and capturing the light and life of the Dom. But I prefer photos that pair a sensitivity for tristesse with a sense of humor. My favorite Dom photos to date are usually taken by gert_pauly, bosch and marge_k.

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