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Long before Instagram, Sebastian Weiss was already taking architectural photos with an eye for detail. Now, as @le_blanc he has more than 170,000 followers and is a columnist with AD Magazin. Sebastian's photos are immediately identifiable: a lot of blue sky and a lot of love for out-of-the-everyday architectural details. He finds his motifs in Hamburg (where he lives) and all over the world.


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Sebastian, what's the most interesting place in Hamburg for a man like you with an eye for architectural detail?

Absolutely without question, the HafenCity, Wilhelmsburg, Veddel and City Nord are exciting areas for exploring recent German architecture. However, there are also interesting buildings within the port and the industrial areas on the edge of the city that are sadly not so easy to discover. And it's important to mention the occasional sites where newer buildings have filled gaps, highlighting the classic brick in new ways.

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How do you find your motifs in Hamburg? Have you any tips for Instagramers and visitors to Hamburg on how to approach the search for motifs?

To me, it's important to walk through the city with my eyes open and not look too much at my display. Otherwise, I do research in a variety of online sources before my tours to identify objects that could be of interest. So I can recommend the combination of sound research and keeping your eyes open.

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Who’s your favourite Instagrammer in Hamburg?

Good question, and a difficult one to answer. Because there's a number of lovely feeds from Hamburg, and they would all deserve a mention. Fortunately, exhibitions featuring these Instagrammers are not uncommon. However, since I have to pick one account, I'll choose Nancy, who can be found on Instagram as @nanny.licious. I like her interpretations from City Nord, Mundsburg and other parts of Hamburg, but her latest series from Portugal is terrific as well. Nicely realistic and functional works that succeed without the ever-prevalent gramming.

Sebastian, thank you for the talk and ahoi!

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In our series of Instagram interviews photographers reveal their favourite motifs and routes around the city. #instagrammerahoi!