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Driving to Hamburgs Christmas markets in a VW Beetle: Since her childhood, Instagrammer Mette aka @littlemycph from Copenhagen returns to Hamburg - time and again.


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For an Instawalk organized by @mein_hamburg Mette once again set our for Hamburg. We asked her three questions on her visit, and got three answers and three images.

Mette, you've been in Hamburg more than once. Which is your happy place in Hamburg?

The place in Hamburg that makes me most happy is the iconic brick building Chile Haus. I am attracted and at the same time overwhelmed by the outstanding craftsmanship and all the windows in the building. I just read that there are more than 2400 windows in the building. That's pretty impressive.

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Could you tell us a bit more about maybe one highlight of your recent trip with @mein_hamburg?

The photo exhibition at Deichtorhallen about German Photographer Peter Keetmann brought back a lot of memories for me. My family owned a Käfer for more than 30 years. The car was sold while my Dad was still alive. So it was a very emotional and strong experience seeing Peter's photo series from the factory back in 1953.

For years we had a Christmas tradition where we took the Käfer and drove to Hamburg to visit the Christmas markets. That's why I don't have the exact number of times I have visited the city but I think it's ten times or a bit more.

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Which are the three spots in Hamburg everyone should visit who is in town for the first time?

If you are coming to Hamburg for the very first time don't miss out to visit the ChileHaus, the amazing colourful U-bahn, the HafenCity Universität station for its unique public art and light installation.

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And if it rains (as it often does in Hamburg) visit Deichtorhallen and enjoy their impressive photo exhibitions. Psst…and remember to visit their bookstore. The place – where you end up spending too much money on nice and heavy photo books.

Mette, thank you so much for the talk and ahoi!

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