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Martin Heilberg Hjortsø discovered his interest in photography through Instagram and went into business for himself. He works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer in Denmark. The Dane took home gorgeous motifs with postcard potential even on his very first visit to Hamburg.


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Kerstin Oppel is a freelance film maker and a social media ninja from Hamburg.

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Besides photography, travel is his great passion. Martin spends two to four hours a day on Instagram seeking inspiration for new destinations. His account @meetmartin shows his home city of Copenhagen at its best.

What role does Instagram play in your trips?

I do an enormous lot of research on Instagram before leaving home. Before my trip to Hamburg I looked at the top Hamburg Instagramers' feeds. I file away a lot of pictures be-fore every trip so that I can find the places again easily. I travel with friends, but also with other Instagramers. Because the main concern is to make as many images and videos as possible, I plan my time for each of them exactly. That way, there are no discussions dur-ing my visits.

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Which Hamburg Instagramers did you take tips from?

I got inspiration about the city and all its Instagram hotspots from @hansegang. Before that, I looked at the @bluebatavia account, because Ingo posts a lot of minimalist motifs and architectural photos from Hamburg. I got an impression of your café scene from @frauelein_anker.

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It was your first time in Hamburg. What surprised you?

I'd no idea what to expect in Hamburg. The atmosphere surprised me. The city feels so laid back and much smaller than I had imagined. The Speicherstadt district was fascinating from the photographic point of view – with its symmetry and its vanishing points. I could have spent all day there. I liked the Komponistenviertel district as well. And I would rec-ommend any visitor to climb the St. Petri Kirche church tower. It's an ascent of 130 metres, there are 544 steps exactly. I would call myself fit, but that was really hard work! The reward was an incredible view, particularly looking out towards the Town Hall. I would have loved to have been there at sunrise.

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Martin, thanks for the talk and ahoi!

In our series of Instagram interviews photographers reveal their favourite motifs and routes around the city. #instagrammerahoi!