Your greatest Instagram images with #autumnahoi

Autumn magic in Hamburg 🍁

autumnahoi 2017 themodernleper

Hamburg basically looks good in anything – but autumn sets it off particularly well. You've confirmed that once again in the past few weeks with your fantastic #autumnahoi photos. How did they come out? Well, here are some examples.


Anne Kleinfeld

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Autumn is the artist among the seasons. Every twelve months, its appearance produces rapt amazement, its colourplays deliver weeks of ecstatic oohs and aahs – especially when it's as lovely as here in our city. Because cool-and-withdrawn Hamburg looks its best in the autumn: harsh softens down a little, grey is bathed in picturesque colour.

Last year and again this year, we asked you to show us the Hamburg autumn from your own personal perspective – by which of course we mean through the lens of your camera, that goes without saying. We wanted to be with you when you breathed the wonderful, clear city air in the early morning among mystical swathes of morning mist, strolled among rustling leaves on a Sunday and succumbed to the enchantment of romantic puddles and golden light in Hamburg's parks and malls.

Now that the trees are gradually turning bare and the days getting ever shorter, we want to say: we're so thrilled you took us with you! Thanks to you, just under 1,400 Instagram images can now be found under the #autumnahoi hashtag. We've put together a few especially picturesque motifs from 2017 for you here – sort of a last round of applause for the artist before he leaves the stage. See you soon, Hamburg autumn!

Here are a few of our #autumnahoi 2017 highlights:

autumnahoi 2017 anlinsh

The postoffice at Schlüterstraße, photo by @anlinsh

autumnahoi 2017 justanothercanonguy

Leave in front of palms – at Park Fiction in Hamburg's district St. Pauli, by @justanothercanonguy

autumnahoi 2017 ben_heindorf

The sun in the foliage at Niendorfer Gehege, caught by @ben_heindorf

autumnahoi 2017 katrindonig

In the bushes near Alster lake was @katrindonig

autumnahoi 2017 fra_elbville

Beautiful scene at Café im Park am Weiher (distict Eimsbüttel), Photo by @frau_elbville

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autumnahoi 2017 _marvn

A golden tree with two sailors near the city centre at Jungfernstieg: ahoi! Photo: @_marvn

autumnahoi 2017 catching_a_smile

A typical “Puddlegram” with Hamburg's television tower! Cute picture by @_catching_a_smile

autumnahoi 2017 themodernleper

Beautiful antique shop in Hamburg's district Hoheluft, photo by @themodernleper