Somewhere under the Rainbow


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Mareike Behrens gleams at us from far away with her rainbow-coloured umbrella. In foul weather or in the sunshine — @reikilein never leaves the house without her multicoloured companion.


Kerstin Oppel

Kerstin Oppel is a freelance film maker and a social media ninja from Hamburg.

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She tags her pictures with #reikileinandherumbrella. Mareike’s dream: a photo in the middle of the Elphi’s empty auditorium — with the umbrella, of course. We met the Hamburg-born Instagrammer for a stroll in the rain.

Where can you take the best pictures in Hamburg’s Schietwetter?

There is a huge array of photogenic train stations, for example in the Hafencity, in the Saarlandstraße or the Sierichstraße. The architecture of the Handelskammer, the Staatsbibliothek, and of course the old Elbtunnel are very impressive to me. I love the office building by the Große Elbstraße with its big windows towards the Elbe. And when the rain stops, you can find one or two puddles with an interesting reflection.

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Which part of the city has photo occasions beyond the usual tourists’ trails?

I grew up in Bergedorf. That’s why my heart belongs to Hamburg’s east. You can go for a stroll through the Sachsenwald and photograph hundreds of butterflies in the Tropenhaus. Plus, Bergedorf has the only chateau in Hamburg that’s really worth a picture. You can find the Boberger Dünen, a veritable landscape of dunes, which is a natural reserve. Perfect for a hike and a picknick. Best enjoyed without rain!

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Who are your favourite Instagrammers that you’d like to take under your umbrella for a stroll?

Generally, I think it’s great that Instagram brings together people from all over the world. That’s why I share the idea of #communityfirst. I’d like to show @teturo from Prague around the Nikolaifleet, and I’d really like a photo together with @dortundhier. His yellow raincoat and my umbrella in one picture — that would be quite something! Together with @ettisi from France I’d like to explore Hamburg’s staircases.

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Unfortunately, I can’t fit more than four people under my umbrella, otherwise I would take more.

Mareike, thanks for the talk and ahoi!

In our series of Instagram interviews photographers reveal their favourite motifs and routes around the city. #instagrammerahoi!