"Some artworks only come into being with their surroundings"


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Lars Lehner lives and works in Hamburg, and that’s where he likes to photograph street art. He is the head behind some projects in the city. For instance, he has been supporting the Millerntor Gallery for a couple of years now with his knowledge and his contacts in the scene.


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Lars, street art is transient. Do you have a favourite artwork, however, which you like to visit and see if it is still there?

The nice thing about street art is to me that there are so many forms and that it doesn’t have tobe a picture on the wall. Some artworks only come into being with their surroundings. If I had to think of one particular picture, it is the one by Herakut close to the Millerntor Stadion. To me, one of the most beautiful murals in Hamburg, also because of the background — it makes me happy each time I pass it.

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When it comes to street art, your favourite artist is…?

Again a question about favourites – but it’s so hard to restrict oneself. At the moment, @1010 is way at the top. I’ve been following his journey for a while on Instagram and I’m impressed how he creates great pieces all over the world with simple means. His holes exist in all sizes and shapes. Sometimes they appear round, sometimes aggressive. Just great. That aside, I have to mention the 3D artworks by the PUSH Crew. They are unique inGermany. They make the craziest elements out of Styrodur and glue them with an eye to the city’s context.

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Do you have a tip for visitors to Hamburg? What would be the perfect street art tour through Hamburg? Where to start, where to end, and what’s not to miss?

It’s not just for insiders anymore: The Gängeviertel is well worth a visit. For people who like street art and for people that like to see “something different”. There are some very special pictures by @Nychos and the @Low Bros. In the Schanze and St. Pauli you can always find recent work. Mostly paste-ups and glued pieces. Just keep your eyes open and look up and down.

Lars, thanks for the talk and ahoi!

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