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Neighbourhood stroll with musician Lùisa

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From the water hens on the pond via „Krämerladen“ on Osterstraße to Café ZeitRaum: Musician Lùisa shows us her cosy quarter. Here she feels home, but her goals reach far beyond the boundaries of Eimsbüttel.


Dirk Wilberg

Dirk Wilberg is a North Frisian who grew up in the Münsterland, has been living in Hamburg since 2010 and runs not only a label but also a music PR agency.

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“As a musician, I look to Europe rather than Germany,” says Lùisa, as we sit over an early morning coffee on one of the Hamburg's rare fine summer days, watching bustling water hens on the little pond in Eimsbütteler Park. It would sound pretty pretentious out of the mouth of a rising young band, but fits seamlessly with the overall makeup of this likeable 24-year-old.

Introduced to the piano by her parents and to the guitar by her brother, Lùisa discovered her musical gift at an early age. She also loved languages, learning not only English but French, Spanish, Italian and Latin as well.

“I actually came to Hamburg to study languages,” she says. “But my focus then shifted to music”. Lùisa soon started making contact with musicians and built up a small network. In 2012, she won the local young musicians' award “Krach & Getöse”, then played more and more concerts – not just in Germany, but all over Europe within a short space of time.

Hamburg isn't just her springboard, it's also her constant retreat and a haven of creative peace. After many moves, Lùisa has now arrived in the comfortable district of Eimsbüttel: “I like this area's small-town atmosphere, I feel at home here”.

On that note, we leave the café in the Eimsbütteler Park to take a bit of a stroll around Lùisa's home area. Just around the corner we stop for a little chat at Fruchthaus Tropica. The greengrocery's proprietor is pleased to see her: he owns a copy of her current album “Never Own”.

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  • We are meeting Lùisa at Café im Park right next to the Eimsbüttel pond.

  • Lùisa moved to Hamburg in 2011, originally to study languages.

  • Her rehearsal room is in Eimsbüttel as well, just a few minutes of walking distance away from her home.

  • She always buys her fruit an vegetables at "Fruchthaus Tropica".

We wander on, land up at “About Songs & Books” and browse among books and records. Lùisa gets into conversation with the people who run it and spontaneously makes a date to appear sometime soon at one of the shop’s regular concert evenings. After a brief stop at the Krämerladen shop on Osterstraße, we move on to Café ZeitRaum, where Lùisa worked for years and receives a warm welcome.

She dedicates all her time to music these days, no jobs on the side any more. “That way I'm free to write songs and travel all over to concerts,” she says.

Lùisa will be in Gothenburg in September for “Hamburg on Tour”. Following the Hanseatic city's successful excursions to Vienna and Copenhagen, its municipal marketing service is to visit the Swedish city on 9 and 10 September. Alongside interactive and programme features, they're planning out-of-the-ordinary and entertaining events that will show local people how Hamburg lives, breathes and pulsates – Lùisa will be performing in Gustaf Adolfs Torg on Friday, 9 September at 3.30 p.m.

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