This was Hamburg's Dockville Festival 2017

Liquorice and glitter beat the rain

Dockville 2017 Title

Hamburg's MS Dockville music festival transformed Elbe river island Wilhelmsburg into an oasis of colour last weekend.


Kerstin Oppel

Kerstin Oppel is a freelance film maker and a social media ninja from Hamburg.

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Photos: Kerstin Gressnich

Nearly 25,000 attendees defied the foul weather in wellies and oilskins (the “Frisian mink”) and gave free rein to their emotions on the island in the River Elbe. Mini creative biotopes and nests clustered around the 12 stages: perfect retreats where people could lounge in hammocks, weave garlands of flowers or blow soap bubbles.

There was no trace of sunburn on these festival-goers' faces: specks of mud and glitter were the order of the day. And when the sun fleetingly broke through the clouds, a gigantic rainbow appeared – the cheers were probably heard miles away at the Landungsbrücken landing stages in St. Pauli. As always, the eleventh MS Dockville festival leaves in its wake blistered dancing-feet, an abundance of great encounters and lips with a trace of liquorice liqueur.

Here are our pictures of the weekend:

MS Dockville Festival 2017

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  • Colourful art installation from Artville

  • Hammocks provide an escape from the madding crowd.

  • Dancing in the rain under awnings.

  • The "Nest" - a green dance oasis

  • Dockville attendee Louisa makes a flower garland.

  • Dockville trend 2017: a crown of flowers

  • Bunting vs. thunderclouds

  • Sunset brought the cold.

  • Berlin band Gurr transforms "Butterland" into a mosh pit.

  • Key survival tactic: raincoats and wellies

  • Where are all these grey clouds coming from?

  • A storybook rainbow

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